Kia ora, I am a graphic designer working in the not-for-profit sector.
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In my role as a graphic designer for Volunteer Service Abroad I have experience collaborating across the organisation in brand strategy, publication design, social media, direct marketing and campaigns. I design for events and help with event management, audience engagement through events is something I am particularly passionate about. I have also brought my background and interest in human centred design and design thinking approaches to my role. Here I have been supported by my communications team to be involved in projects from the beginning and have taken opportunities to help us all think and work in a more user centred and process driven way through iterating and prototyping. For example, I have worked to visualise our strategic intent to align purpose within our organisation. I am also involved in a youth engagement working group, creating personas and journey maps to visualise our thinking.  



Work experience

Volunteer Service Abroad
Graphic Designer
May 2017 - present

Wellington City Youth Council
Youth Councillor
August 2018 - present

AFS New Zealand
Volunteer Development Intern
April - May 2017

New Zealand Customs
Information Design Intern with the
Business Improvement and Innovation team
through Open Lab
July 2016 - September 2016

Inspiring Stories
Design Intern for Live the Dream
January 2016 - February 2016


Food sort volunteer
February 2018  - present

Full CV


Selected projects


Volunteer Service Abroad
Photography Exhibition

I assisted curator Fiona Morris with putting together a photography exhibition of over 60 volunteer photographs for Volunteer Service Abroad. I helped Fiona with the design, layout and installation of the exhibition and designed the branding, signage and exhibition catalogue.

IMG_0222-1-2 (1).jpg
vsa_exhibition_ink_20171103 (2).jpg
IMG_7673 copy.jpg

Volunteer Service Abroad

I designed this first issue of Lukluk with a brief to reflect our partners voices in the pacific and the key issues that we work with, and also to focus more on our engaging photos. This a5 size publication has been popular at events.


Volunteer Service Abroad
Thriving Communities

I designed this year in review publication with a goal of demonstrating our impact through engaging photos and infographics, while also reflecting the bright blocks of colour on our website.


Making our values visible wall sticker


VSA brochure


Volunteer Service Abroad
Volunteer recruitment campaign


I worked with the recruitment team at Volunteer Service Abroad to develop a recruitment campaign across social media, web and print advertising. I felt it was important to keep the campaign image focused and able to be extended into the next campaign time to increase brand recognisability.


I received the Prime Ministers Scholarship to Asia. Here a group of designers from Massey University travelled to China as part of Massey University‘s Space Between, a sustainable fashion initiative. Here, I developed a collaborative design project with students from Chinese Universities that could address problems in the fashion industry. It was developed through a series of workshop prototypes.
I also designed the catalogue of all of our projects here,
and wrote about my experience on the Space Between website here

Prime Ministers Scholarship to Asia
Space Between design activism

IMG_1700 copy.jpg

How might we engage kinaesthetic (active) learners with art in the public art gallery?
My honours project, Art Studio Hives is a set of three modular workshop studios that are concealed within the architecture of the exhibition space. Here, the visitor can learn the behind the scenes processes of art as they move through the exhibition, activating the public art gallery. I developed this project using a human centred approach to research, journey mapping and rapid prototyping.

University Honours Project
Art Studio Hives

IMG_3700 copy.jpg
art studio hives for behance!!.png
art studio hives for behance16.png
art studio hives for behance10.png

This group project was selected to present to the CEO and experience design team at Te Papa. The Te Papa Open Classroom is an education initiative that engages ‘Sally’, the introverted millennial, with Te Papa’s educational resources through a guide, app and classroom hub space.  By Sarah Gardenier, Neve Linforth and Rachel Eton

University live brief
Te Papa Open Classroom




Prime Ministers Scholarship for Asia
‘Space Between’ Design Activism Study Tour to China
November - December 2015

Education New Zealand Meeting Guest Speaker
Selected to present my China Scholarship experiences
April 2016

Te Papa final selection of design proposal and internship finalist
Presented to the CEO and Experience Design team of
Te Papa Museum of New Zealand
August 2015

Massey University Vice Chancellor’s High Achievers Scholarship




2013 - November 2016
Massey University Wellington
Bachelor of Design, Visual Communication Design
(First Class Honours)

2017 - present
Continuing Education Victoria University
Art History short courses




IMG_9426 copy copy.jpg

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